Mission & Vision

As 2019 witnessed the emergence of numerous disruptive technologies like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, and many more, and among them, 5G was the showstopper. In 2020, those technologies impact businesses continuously and certainly become an important part of the firm’s plans. Our business is mostly focused on a variety of technologies that helps in gaining upper hand in the competition (Varindia, 2020).

AI-driven developments:
ML and AI technologies empower firms of varied sizes with the extraction of different business value and impact. The power of applied AI is harnessed to be flexible, accurate, and agile, and as expected it brings drastic alterations in aspects such as cultures, innovations, business models, organizations.

VR and AR technologies: both VR and AR provide unique, memorable experiences for clients, and for standing out in the race early adoption is essential. This technology acts as a catalyst in magnifying the competencies in business that serves the future generation.

Autonomous things: the reach of automation has extensively spread which is now an integral part of IT operations and with digitization, increased autonomous technologies help to reduce cost, streamline the process, drive profits and minimize resources. With application in multiple industries like logistics, transport, and others, the emergence of autonomous things will guide through an exciting path in the future.

Smart spaces: on the basis of IoT devices, automation and digital technologies, the concept of ‘Smart Space’ is about making intellectual work and living environment. The smart space spectrum varies in size from offices to cities. Rapid urbanization with the arrival of technologies like 5G and IoT augmented the smart space market growth. Research and Markets in their report showed an expected growth of the smart space market at 18.4% CAGR over the period of forecast (2019 to 2024) (CRN - India, 2019).

RAST Venture is a client-focused IT company that is backed by a professional team of software engineers, web consultants, artists, and digital marketers. We focus on providing robust web solutions like analytics, design, monitoring, integration, and development that simplify technologies and strengthen the business of the clients.

As a firm of technical consultation, we provide advice regarding chief marketing strategy. We preferred simplified processes for our clients without making them confused with technical jargon so that they can stand out from their rivals and focus on their digital mission.
Our profound practical understanding and technical knowledge of the changing scenario of the market regarding various market niches offers mission-critical business strategy.

We work for the promises that we make and that’s what makes us different from other companies busy making empty promises. We believe that there’s no such point that supports our stay within the industry unless we work for the promises to make the client happy. We develop a web presence and design unique marketing strategies for whether it is an e-commerce owner looking for conversion, or service provider looking after potential leads, or accountancy firms with the yearning desire of promoting service across places.
The presence of the following helps us in fulfilling the promises made to the clients:

  • Technology Know-How
  • Dedicated Team
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Complete Digital Solution
  • 24x7 Support
  • Quality Compliance
  • Value for Money
  • Maximized Growth

Our Mission

At RAST Venture technology we aim to develop strategies that are digitally productive for clients and provide them an interactive and meaningful online presence.
The digitally productive strategic solutions help clients to achieve outcomes of digital transformation that leverage technological changes in functions and competencies. The changes create value that calls for the implementation of innovative solutions. With the changing preferences of the customers, increased competition, the multiplicity of new technologies, and rising operational cost, the company looks to undergo digital advancement for providing better technical assistance. The arrival of new technologies rapidly changed the digital landscape that the legacy systems are unable to tackle with the real-world (community.nasscom.in, 2020).
Our mission encompasses customer needs in terms of achieving client satisfaction that easily moves to extra miles for satisfying the expectations. Our company develops result driven and functional strategies to get fit into business policies that are mostly multi-dimensional.

Our Vision

RAST Venture technology aspires to integrate the use of the best technology in various business models for producing outstanding outcomes. Our desire is to become the destination for varied digital solutions so that our tailored services benefit our clients.

Our Technology Partner(s)


An Opensource eCommerce ecosystem to build and scale your business. Connect multiple channels like eCommerce platforms and marketplaces and sell your products directly on the platform by easily exporting to the respective channels.

Rast Venture Pvt Ltd is a proud contributor in Bagisto develpment. We are continously working on bagisto themes and extensions for the bagisto marketplace.