Our Values

Our focus is to work with professionals who extraordinarily perform well in Complex System Development areas that would help us in providing seamless services to our customers. Individuals do not build complex IT projects. Here at RAST Venture, we focus to help build small teams with quality professionals who outperform other IT teams. The outperforming teams lowers both overall cost and risk and improve the delivery times. To perceive the nature of technical and organizational challenges in IT departments, up-to-date and broad knowledge of IT, along with experience from projects, could be a strong asset, but no such assignments are similar. It is significant to recognize common characters from projects along with the possible quick pitfalls or wins, and based on such evaluation, a good match of assignment, customer, and specialist are found to be much more similar. We heavily invest in building relations with clients and from day one consultants of the firm build up close working relations. The relations every time enable us to spot the right assignments for specialists.
The saying, “making old friends takes a long time” reflects the fact that every client is unique. We intend to build and maintain a long-lasting relationship with clients. With many of them, we go a long way and gain knowledge about their work culture that enables in finding IT consultants that perfectly fit for a unique organization of the client.
We work on rewarding and innovative projects across the world. We provide the support of a mentoring Agent that understands and personally cares about the client's career and skill goals. Technology is continuously developing and so we are, for satisfying the new demands of customers and novel approaches for engaging more employees.

Flexibility: we moved away from fixed benefits to a flexible range that enables the workers to choose according to their desire to suit personal situations. The customized trends increase personalized benefits. Modern systems do not accommodate a wide range of benefits and provide flexibility which is often administered by adding customized offers, promotions, and benefits easily and quickly.

Integration: Modern workers live in a complex and vast ecosystem and workers efficiently benefit from platforms that integrate disparate and sensitive data systems and sets, that allows workers to offer the best products from the providers. Our workers should have a “single sign-on”  that assists them in managing benefits and access reward statements which show the combined value of benefits, that provide a seamless journey to the users.

Scalability: Digital solutions must scale the future needs of the clients. Forecasting of future events is not easy but we still prepare a scalable benefit solution for growth, avoiding the unexpected costs and issues.

Customized: internal voice tone and communication reflects values and core vision that promotes and builds brand holistically.

Powerful: Effective digital solutions make reporting and information management better and simplify notorious complex tasks and this is what attracts the clients towards us (Reba, 2017).
Our ambition is to satisfy client needs with effective digital solutions. Our products are known for boosting work rate, encouraging creativity and innovation, uniformity and consistency achieves coordination, boosts work efficiency, and increases profits (F450C.org, 2020).

In modern days, the digital transformation at various workplaces raised the demand for effective digital solutions as digital products are intangible assets that can be distributed or sold even without inventory replenishment (Shopify, 2019). Clients are in search of products that are less prone to technical glitches as most of the poorly structured technical products are often seen to malfunction. Our company develops innovative technical ideas that are free from technical glitches as found from technical tests and customer feedback.

The company consistently displays high proficiency levels in some cutting-edge platforms, technologies, and frameworks. Our company offers flexible products both in terms of delivery timeline and budget.  We grow relations with our technical professionals for the long-term, which also extends beyond their job.  We intend to offer exceptionally rewarding professional and personal life by accessing high-level and challenging projects, our social and professional events, and our top-level specialist's community.

Our company is a new-age digital company that utilizes web, cloud, and mobility as the pillars of the digital revolution in the new age.

Our Technology Partner(s)


An Opensource eCommerce ecosystem to build and scale your business. Connect multiple channels like eCommerce platforms and marketplaces and sell your products directly on the platform by easily exporting to the respective channels.

Rast Venture Pvt Ltd is a proud contributor in Bagisto develpment. We are continously working on bagisto themes and extensions for the bagisto marketplace.