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Advanced Digitization Places You Ahead of the Market

With the rise of cutting-edge technologies, existing real-estate market models have undergone a major transition. The technical advancement and incorporation transformed the market strategy for its clients in a short period of time. It's past time to bring your organization to the online community and create a solid presence.

Integrate IoT, AI, Deep Learning, Big Data and other new terms to save time, commitment, and resources while increasing ROI. Keep ahead of the curve with RAST Venture Pvt Ltd to succeed in this high-competitive age where everyone is searching for advanced IT solutions. Our specialists can drive the company's functionality to the next level by knowing your desires

Real Estate and Land Company Publicity on the Internet

Internet Exposure & Notable Profits

You will explore a new frontier in technology with RAST Venture Pvt Ltd, which will help you accelerate your business growth

Increase your business's ability by taking advantage of:

  • Wearable computers, AR, and VR are all part of a business mobility approach
  • Connectivity, stability, and accessibility are all benefits of using the cloud
  • Scalable Data Warehousing and Architecture for Market Intelligence

How can we support you

Obtain and incorporate cutting-edge innovations to achieve major benefits.

CRM Software for Real Estate

Discover how the CRM platform is combined with the new technology to provide you with a lightweight and efficient property control, process management, and automation framework. By incorporating CRM software, RAST Venture Pvt Ltd's talented professionals will allow you to optimize benefits with a fast, reliable, and seamless framework

Accounting for revenue trusts

With high-end sales confidence account tools, you can handle the whole contract process from approval to closure. The app would allow you to print advice letters, produce invoices, run commission worksheets, receive receipts, and record payment information all in one location, all in a timely and error-free manner.

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An Opensource eCommerce ecosystem to build and scale your business. Connect multiple channels like eCommerce platforms and marketplaces and sell your products directly on the platform by easily exporting to the respective channels.

Rast Venture Pvt Ltd is a proud contributor in Bagisto develpment. We are continously working on bagisto themes and extensions for the bagisto marketplace.