Make the most of new technologies and explore new possibilities with your travel business

Staying a move out of the competition will help you gain a competitive advantage. Traditional brand-building models are time-consuming and, as a result, obsolete. With the progression in technology and the integration of IoT and AI, innovative approaches for companies to prosper are being available. And we're here to support you in reaching the pinnacle.

You often look for customer satisfaction, market expansion, brand establishment, and so on, in addition to the set target of maximizing ROI. You won't be able to meet the objectives without upgraded systems and their integration. With RAST Venture Pvt Ltd on your side, you can target travel aficionados and continue to add value to your company for the least amount of money.

Insights into Our Service

B2C travel platform with omnichannel functionality

We specialize in Omnichannel B2C applications for smartphones and the web to improve the shopping experience, as well as trip, merchandising, order, and streamlined commerce management services. The below are some of the app's best features:

  • Creating effective emails to boost interaction
  • AI-powered integration transforms the website
  • Customers are connected to safe, trustworthy, and customized content
  • Personalization and first-party data collection are two methods for increasing interaction.

Engines for searching and making reservations

In terms of search and booking engine creation, our custom technical integration offers a smart solution for your company. We have the following:

  • Customization, responsive architecture, and adaptability
  • Through a deep understanding of your industry and customer insights and dashboards, you can optimize your earnings
  • Analytics, reporting, and a content management system (CMS)
  • Company growth, marketing, and technology assistance

B2B applications

Enable robust B2B applications with agility, usability, and a user-friendly interface to help you upscale your company with versatility, allowing you to:

  • End-user comfort in terms of using the software for a variety of purposes
  • Possibilities for change by maintaining a clear link with consumers and soliciting input
  • Strengthening the brand's image
  • In the industry, you have a strong spot with your rivals

Extranet solutions

An easy-to-use booking engine that gives managers easy access to real-time data and pricing. Because of the following, this model is effective:

  • Comprehensiveness
  • Scalability, and
  • Dependability

Analytics, Big Data, and Business Intelligence

Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics have revolutionized a variety of sectors, including tourism, and we've honed our core skills to provide you with:

  • Managing your return on investment (ROI) more effectively
  • Reputation control that runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Styles of strategic marketing
  • Providing a positive consumer experience
  • For precision, optimization, and target marketing, extensive market analysis is needed

Our Technology Partner(s)


An Opensource eCommerce ecosystem to build and scale your business. Connect multiple channels like eCommerce platforms and marketplaces and sell your products directly on the platform by easily exporting to the respective channels.

Rast Venture Pvt Ltd is a proud contributor in Bagisto develpment. We are continously working on bagisto themes and extensions for the bagisto marketplace.

Startup India

Proud Partner of Startup India. Startup India is an initiative of the Government of India. The campaign was first announced by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi during his speech on 15 August 2015.